Ways Vibrational Energy Medicine Can Help Pain

Tune Into Vibrational Medicine for Chronic Pain Relief

Vibrational medicine works by healing your mind, soul and energy within through restorative and active energies found in universe. Let’s see how it can tap into chronic pain and help you heal better.

In spiritual terms, it is believed that everything we feel and see around has energy frequency that vibrates at a particular level. Even our frequencies vibrate and change course through the day depending on our environment. When the energy pathways are blocked, it directly affects us by producing pain, depression and the manifestation of disease symptoms.

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A person utilizing vibrational healing can discover blocked energies and enable healing by clearing those blockages and tuning into healthful environmental energies. The use of Vibrational energies to help balance our own energies are referred to as Vibrational Medicine.

Watch Vibrational Medicine in Action

Vibrational Energy healing techniques can correct your vibrational energy flows and clear the obstruction due to blocked energies in your subtle energy field and provide you with life force in your body which helps the you to heal your ailments.

Vibrational healing involves little or exertion on the body and can be done in many ways.  Let’s take a look at some of them below: 

Vibrational Medicine With Crystals and Gemstones

They may only look like a stone or pebble to you, but Holistic experts believe that crystals and gemstones have various healing and spiritual properties which can be tapped into by wearing it or placing it at certain locations of the body. Using crystals in Vibrational medicine is called ‘crystal therapy’ where the selection of types of healing crystals is based on your intuition and attraction towards them.

Vibrational Medicine With Light and Colors

Light is a form of electromagnetic energy which is visible through its various colors. Lights and colors can be healing and have a soothing effect on us. A perfect example would be the sight of rainbow that simply uplifts our mood. The sun alone can influence us in various ways. A study recorded the effect of sunlight on our productivity showed that employees performed better when they were exposed to natural light as compared to the employees who had no windows at their workplace.

Color therapy or Chromotherapy includes light and color in the form of tools (candles, prisms, wands, gemstones, colored fabrics, etc.) to balance energy and treat several physical and mental disorders.

Vibrational Medicine With Plants and Herbs

Plants and herbs, besides increasing our nutritional health, are also known for their contribution to aromatic essential oils and notes in certain flower essences.

Various Holistic Experts make use of flower essences that tend to our spiritual and emotional needs, energize us and refresh our minds with their calming effect. There are number of flower remedies that nurture and possibly treat certain ailments.

Aromatherapy has similar effect, which makes use of essential oils that can be used during bathing, massages and compress, or simply by inhaling them. Essential oils such as [easyazon_link keywords=”almond oil” locale=”US” tag=”chronic0e-20″]almond oil[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link keywords=”lavender oil” locale=”US” tag=”chronic0e-20″]lavender oil[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link keywords=”grape seed oil” locale=”US” tag=”chronic0e-20″]grape seed oil[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link keywords=”tea tree oil” locale=”US” tag=”chronic0e-20″]tea tree oil[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link keywords=”jasmine oil” locale=”US” tag=”chronic0e-20″]jasmine oil[/easyazon_link] and many others are some popular examples, used in aromatherapy for their holistic healing.

Vibrational Medicine With Hands on Healing

Reiki and therapeutic touch happen to be two of the many powerful elements of hands on healing. We all have the ability to channel high frequency energy through our hands, but the problem arises when we have energy blocks that disable us from tapping into these powers. Reiki and therapeutic touch is performed while a person sits or reclines for high frequency energy to flow through the practitioner’s hands to the client.

There are many different hand positions and movements involved in these therapies and their practitioners believe they promote healing and reduce pain and anxiety related problems.

Vibrational Medicine Sound and Music Healing

Many times we are drawn to things in nature because of their pleasing sound, like the chirping of birds, the crashing of waves or the falling of rain, etc. These simple natural sounds have a calming effect on us which proves there is definite power in a sound.

Power song are oral prayers that accomplish healing through sound. It is believed that when vibration in the voice is offered to the universe, the universe responds. So when you offer sympathetic sound vibrations to the universe, whether it be a prayer song, a sacred chant or a ceremony song, etc. you stimulate the universe to respond with sympathetic vibrations.

Sound therapists make use of many different tools (drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc.) to incorporate variety of sound in their therapy to heal people. Another highly advanced form of spiritual healing is Dolphin Energy which can reduce pain and treat your ailments just by listening to the sounds of dolphins.

Practitioners believe Vibrational energy can be an effective alternative medicine for holistic healing of several chronic ailments and enhance your overall well-being.

You only need to take a leap of faith!