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The Best Lupus Blogs For 2016

 2016 is here and we thought it would be a great time to examine the best Lupus blogs to enjoy for the New Year!  Check out our top selections (in no particular order). If you feel that there is a blog that we missed, simply comment at the bottom of the page- we will review reader suggestions and add more blogs to this list on a rolling basis.

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Despite Lupus

Despite Lupus Blog

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Get a sneak peek at the active life of lupus survivor Sara Gorman through her blog Despite Lupus. She teaches lupus sufferers how to live life to the fullest despite lupus. This mother of two was diagnosed with systemic lupus at the age of 26. Check out Sara’s post on making an immunosuppressant drug decision as well as one of her favorite lupus infographics on the effects of lupus on the body. You might be surprised that lupus can affect even your hair and eyes. Her blog also shows her creative side as she shares how to make pill bags and other projects. You will not have a hard time navigating this nifty blog.

Lupus, Humor, and Wellness

Lupus Humor Blog

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Carla Ulbrich’s website Lupus, Humor, and Wellness demonstrates how laughter can help lupus sufferers to overcome the painful, daily symptoms of this disease. She has been suffering from lupus for 20+ years and humor has helped her along the journey. Check out the article Having a Life When You Have an Illness and learn more about how she optimistically tackles her illness. Aside from writing, she is also known as the Singing Patient- check out her highly entertaining music video Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends to get a taste for her singing ability. Bookmark this page for daily inspiration on how to live a happier and healthier life despite illness.

Life of a 30-Something with Lupus

The life of a thirty-something

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Life must go on despite lupus. This is the belief of blogger Miss Flow. It’s something she embodies on a daily basis as she perseveres to live a normal life despite her diagnosis. In fact, she just recently received a Human Resources diploma and dreams of becoming a recruiter in the next 3 to 5 years. Her blog Life of a 30-Something with Lupus is truly inspiring. It reflects the ups and downs she has experienced as a lupus sufferer. Check out her personal story to understand more about the symptoms she experienced and how she overcame them. Definitely a site you will want to keep tabs on.

Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus Blog

Molly's Fund Blog

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This nonprofit blog was established by Molly who herself was diagnosed with lupus in early 2005. Its objective is to help people with lupus become proactive in their own care. Discover some common things people don’t know about lupus via her well-researched blog post: Top 5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Lupus (And you wish they did). It is just one of the great articles that you can read on the Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus Blog. It has over 700,000 annual visitors and their audience is continually growing. Visitors can sign up for a newsletter, find a physician or discover a wealth of other lupus-related information.

Lupus Chick

Lupus Chick

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When you visit, you will discover a resource-rich and attractive blog designed to help people who are suffering from lupus. It was created by Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana who serves on the board of directors of the Florida chapter of Lupus Foundation of America. Her experience serves as an inspiration and encouragement to other patients. The website regularly spotlights stories of lupus patients (see: Spotlight on Lupus-Katie Kenner’s Story). Marisa also runs a Lupus Scholarship Fund for lupus patients currently attending college. She’s also very active on Twitter – check her out there to remain up to date on her latest goings on.

Sometimes, It Is Lupus

Sometimes it is Lupus blog

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Iris Carden, the blogger over at Sometimes, it is Lupus, was diagnosed with lupus in 2006. Her site helps lupus sufferers connect- check out her Warrior’s Wall to read poignant snippets from lupus survivors around the world. There is also the Lupus Business Directory that lists businesses owned by lupus sufferers. Lupus patients will certainly feel at home on this website. It provides exceptional support for people who suffer from this invisible illness.  There are a variety of other interesting resources that “lupies” can find on her website. Check out Iris’ recent post on her struggle with weight-loss: Back on Track.

Getting Closer To Myself

Getting Closer to Myself

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At the age of 22, Leslie was diagnosed with lupus. She made her own blog Getting Closer To Myself so that others will learn from her stories and experiences with the illness. This blog is colorful, informative and puts you up close to the author’s life. Her 2015: Year In Review is a must-read as it summarizes everything that she experienced in 2015, which could serve as excellent motivation for you to start your own year on the right foot. She accepts guests posting as long as certain policies are followed. Adapting to a chronic illness may not be easy, but with bloggers like Leslie you will certainly find the support you need.

Lupus In Color

Lupus in Color

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With the goal of providing hope to lupus patients, one butterfly at a time, Lupus In Color is a great blog full of encouragement, love and exemplary empowerment. It is designed for people regardless of gender and age, whether they are directly or indirectly affected by lupus. If you often make hasty decisions about your health, this article Don’t Go Rogue is worth reading. While you are at it, you could also read this touching Letter To Family and Friends of a lupus patient. You could also check out their support group and regular events attended by people who have a deep understanding of lupus.

Lupus Foundation of America, Connecticut Chapter

CN Lupus Blog

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The Connecticut Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America runs a routinely updated and info-packed blog over at: Did you know that staying hydrated is important when you have lupus? Check out their recent article Staying hydrated in the fight against Lupus to find out why. Dreading the winter? Find out how lupus sufferers should deal with the cold: Coping with Lupus and Cold Weather. Jam-packed with useful information regarding the auto-immune disorder and advances in research funding, they are one of the most useful lupus resources on the web. Make sure you bookmark this site for 2016.

Lupus in Flight

Lupus in flight

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When Shaista fell critically ill in February of 2009, this blog became her lifeline for several months. She has continued writing since then and is now a powerful advocate for lupus sufferers around the world. Shaista is also a talented poet and her blog features many rich examples of her writing ability. One poignant post that exemplifies her style is How to Survive Rituximab, which describes her reaction to Rituximab, a common treatment for lupus. Head over to her blog and subscribe to stay up to date on her progress.

Reader Nominations

Luck Fupus

Luck Fupus

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Luck Fupus blogger MarlaJan is a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse in her thirties. In her own words, her blog “revolves around my life as I deal with the day-to-day and long-term struggles of living with a chronic illness.” Check out her About Me page to read about how she overcame being born with heart defect and eventually went to work as a nurse at the very same hospital that saved her life. She is also a patient advocate with an impressive list of speaking engagements. Check out her write-up of the presentation she gave at the ePatient Connections Conference that received a standing ovation. MarlaJan’s blog is an entertaining and enlightening lupus resource. Follow her on twitter to keep up to date on MarlaJan’s life and her advocacy work.

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