The Aquasizing Cure for Pinched Nerves

Aquasizing Treatments for Pinched Nerves

Nerves are bundles of fiber that are pathways for transmitting the impulses of sensation from different parts of the body like the skin, muscles and organs to the spinal cord and the brain and vice versa.

These nerves serve as a connection between the different parts of the body, a sort of communication system within our body. When there is pressure or compression on a nerve, this leads to the occurrence of pinched nerves. This may result from keeping your body in just one position for a long period of time or from repetitive motions.

Too much pressure is then applied by the surrounding tissue to the nerve, thereby disrupting the nerve’s ability to function and also causing a tingling sensation, numbness, pain and weakness to the affected area. This often occurs in nerves that have little soft tissue to protect them from compression, usually with nerves between bones, ligaments and tendons.

The treatment and treatment period for pinched nerves vary, according to the degree of damage to the nerve.

 However, an emerging treatment for pinched nerves is showing promising results: aquasize exercises. 

What is aquasizing?

Aquasizing is a combination of stretching exercises and swimming. This type of exercise provides a gentle but thorough exercise without overworking the muscles in your body. Aquasize exercises ensure that every muscle in your body is properly exercised and stretched, yet you need not worry about injury by falling or hurting your body.

How could aquasizing exercise help you and your pinched nerves?

It is vital for people who suffer from pinched nerves to exercise their body to maintain maximum functioning and mobility. This is difficult for people who suffer from pinched nerves because of the pain that they experience. Consequently, aqua exercising can be a great therapy option for these individuals.

Aquasizing can help because the focus is on the whole body, not just a specific area. If the problem is your lower back, or your knees, or your arms or any part of your body, aquasize exercises are equipped to treat all of those areas at once.

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Pinched nerves cause varying levels of pain for individuals who suffer from them, however the severe pain from pinched nerves may make it difficult for individuals to move and perform the daily activities of living. However, exercise and movement is greatly recommended for people who suffer from pinched nerves.

Aquasizing is a great method of treatment for pinched nerves with these benefits to back it up:

1. Muscular Endurance is Easily and Quickly Developed

This type of exercise hits not two but three birds with just one stone. You are exercising your muscles, promoting movement and actually increasing your muscle tone and endurance. How is this possible?

Well with the high density of water, the resistance increases and this augments the development of your muscular tone and endurance. Add to that the holistic benefits of this exercise- the muscles of your entire body are exercised and toned. This helps people who suffer from pinched nerves to maintain flexibility, perform daily activities and help retain their mobility.

2. Body Support is Provided

Exercising and movement can be very difficult for people who suffer from pinched nerves because of the pain and discomfort that they experience. This often leads them to just stay in bed, remaining immobile just to experience some pain relief. However, with the support and buoyancy provided by the water, exercise is easier to accomplish.

Up to 80% of the body is supported by the water surrounding you as you exercise. There  is less strain placed on the back, torso and joints and it is less likely for you to injure those areas doing this type of exercise than something more strenuous.

3. Flexibility is Quickly Improved

When you exercise in water, there is a reduced effect of gravitational force. This improves the flexibility of the body and promotes a greater range of motion. There is no pain as you move your joints, which decreases the pain and stress if pinched nerves as you exercise.

Final thoughts

Aqusizing is not a typical physician recommendation for treating pinched nerves. However with all the additional benefits of aquasizing, including improved cardiovascular conditioning, this form of exercise can be useful in conjunction with traditional medical interventions. It is still recommended that you speak with your doctor about using aquasizing as part of your treatment approach to your pinched nerve.