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4 Wheel Rollators

ThumbnailRollatorOur RatingBrandWeightHeight RangeWeight
Seat HeightWheel Size
Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator4.5Drive23 lbs32-37"300 lbs21" 8"
Hugo Portable Backrest Rollator Walker4.5Hugo15.4 lbs32-38"300 lbs21.5"8"
Drive Medical Nitro Walker4.7Drive17.5 lbs33.5-8.25"300 lbs20.5"10" Front (10" x 3")
Duro-Med Lightweight Extra-wide Aluminum Walker4.3Duro-Med21 lbs32-36"375 lbs22"8"
HealthSmart Euro Style Walker4.4Health Smart17 lbs31-36"300 lbs21"8" Front 7" (rear)
Medline Bariatric Walker4.6Medline19 lbs31.5-37.5"400lbs22"8"
HealthLine Super Light Aluminum Walker4.5Health Line13.5 lbs28-32"250lbs22"6"
Roscoe Medical Transport Walker4.3Roscoe Medical22 lbs34-39"250lbs23"8”
pcp rollatorPCP Lightweight Rollator Walker4.3PCP17 lbs30-34"250lbs21"8”
Hugo Explore Side-Fold Nitro Rollator4.5Hugo15.4 lbs30-36"300lbs21"8″ rear
Comodità Prima Heavy-Duty Rollator4.6Comodità19.5 lbs32-39''400 lbs22"8"
Active Rollator3.8Access20 lbs31.1-39.37"275 lbs.19.68-24.8"10" front
Healthline Bariatric Rollator3.3HealthLine26.5 lbs34-39"400lbs21"8"

3 Wheel Rollators

ThumbnailProduct NameOur RatingManufacturerProduct WeightAdjustable Height RangeWeight CapacityWheel Size
Drive Medical Plaid Rollator4.4Drive Medical13lbs32-38"300lbs7.5"
Drive Medical 3 Wheel Rollator3.9Drive Medical17lbs31-38"300lbs8"
Drive Deluxe Aluminum Rollator3.8Drive Medical15lbs31-38"300lbs8"
NOVA Medical 3 Wheel Walker4.6NOVA Medical15lbs30-35"250lbs8"
Carex Trio Roller Walker4.4Carex7.5 lbs32-38"250lbs7.5"
Lumex 3 Wheel Cruiser4.4Lumex10.5lbs33- 37"250lbs8”
Healthline 3 Wheel Rollator1.8Healthline13lbs35- 38"300lbs7.5"
Karman 3 Wheel RollatorN/AKarman13lbs35 – 38″250lbs8”
Invacare 3Wheel Rollator4.8Invacare17lbs32-37″295lbs7.5"

2 Wheel Walkers

Product NameThumbnailManufacturerProduct WeightAdjustable RangeWeight CapacityWheel SizeOur Rating
Drive Deluxe Folding WalkerDrive7.5lbs32-39"350lbs5"4.5
Drive Medical Two Wheeled WalkerDrive12lbs29-38"300lbs5"4.4
HomCom Aluminum Medical Rollator WalkerHomCom6.6lbs31-35"300lbs5"4
Duro-Med  Aluminum Folding WalkerDuro-Med5.5lbs32-38"250lbs5"N/A
Medline Bariatric Folding WalkerMedline8.5lbs33.5-43.5"500lbs5"4.4