Pyramid Energy Healing for Chronic Pain Conditions

Can Pyramids Heal Chronic Pain?

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, these massive structures called Pyramids, are indeed work of art! As they leave us amazed with their beauty, they have left scientists and archeologists even more amazed with their mysterious healing and therapeutic powers. Anecdotal evidence suggests that they can help chronic pain conditions.

There are number of pyramids found in Egypt. Amongst them, the Giza pyramids have been a subject of much research. Though you might think pyramid is a solid object, it is actually made of four equilateral triangles of same size. It’s set upon a square base to form a base and an apex, which when aligned to true north axis can generate, transform and conduct energy.

How to build your own energy pyramid

Pyramids were built by the Egyptians to protect the body of the deceased pharaoh and built in a way to withstand the elements of time to last till eternity.

Over the years, it has been discovered that they amplify earth’s magnetic field to create life force energy. Although there is no scientific consensus on the existence of this energy, many spiritual practitioners belonging to various esoteric groups strongly believe in the life force energy, which they theorize can flow through all living things and can help them sustain and enhance their bodily functions.

They even believe it can improve the body’s self healing abilities.

Their belief is based on the meaning of the word: Pyramid. It is derived from Greek word, “Pyra” and Latin word “Mid” meaning Fire. Together it means “fire in the middle” which clearly alludes to the natural life energy force that is created at the centre of the pyramid.

What does the research say about pyramid healing?

Research scientists have discovered that pyramids have been constructed in a way to deflect any sort of cosmic radiation that is falling on it by shunting them downwards through the sides of its four walls. So what happens to the radiation then?

The deflected cosmic radiation is drawn downwards to the base line on all the four sides of the pyramid and converted into a very powerful Bio Energy Field by using the magnetic field of the earth’s gravitational force. This way, the center of the pyramid is unaffected by any cosmic radiation and instead preserved by this new and powerful energy that now surrounds the walls of the pyramid.

Researchers believe that a pyramid is able to amplify the earth’s magnetic field and posses the same effect like the ones in Egypt.

A pyramid made from metal, tends to harness the electromagnetic field of the earth and concentrates its energy on the metallic surface of the pyramid. Hence, for its greater effect, metallic pyramids should be aligned to magnetic north.

Non metallic pyramids can be made out of wood or stones like the Giza pyramid in Egypt. Such non metallic pyramids should be aligned true north since they are believed to harness the rotational inertia of the earth and concentrate them at the centre of the pyramid unlike the non metallic ones.

Several researchers claim that pyramids have the power to increase the frequency of the energy levels in any organism.

Unbelievable but true…

There were several experiments done where scientists have constructed similar pyramids (of course, not exactly as huge as the those in Egypt).

One such study investigated the effect of wooden pyramid model on wound healing in albino rats. The results indicated that the environment within the wooden pyramid model promoted wound healing significantly.

Another similar study investigated the stress parameters of rats in a pyramid environment. The research revealed that exposure of rats to the pyramid environment reduced oxidative stress and increased antioxidant defense in them.

It is also believed that pyramid water can control all the functions in organism on the basis of the principle of bio-resonance on a mild energy level.  Water treated from the pyramid can be used for a number of reasons as it:

  • Enhances digestive processes and cures digestive disorders
  • Increases vitality
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Increases immunity
  • Helps in wound healing
  • Reduces stress
  • Preservation
  • As a health aid

As the water is rich in oxygen and negatively charged ions it can purify and easily assimilate in the body which increases the water concentration at cellular level and eventually throughout the body.  It is believed that soaking arthritis joints in pyramid treated water is effective when applied and can even eliminate chronic pain related with arthritis.

Over the years, similar benefits of pyramids were observed by a team of Russian scientists who constructed similar pyramids replicating the Great Pyramids of Egypt. They have discovered several benefits and other unique properties of pyramids that provided healing benefits to numerous individuals suffering various illnesses and health conditions.

The Russians scientists concluded that pyramids could boost the mental, physical psychological and spiritual parameters of an individual at great length.

The healing effects from pyramids can be a mystery but given the research and its clearly visible therapeutic benefits, we cannot deny it has a compelling capability to reduce chronic pain.