Inclined Bed Therapy for Chronic Pain Conditions

What is inclined bed therapy?

Inclined to bed therapy is merely the practice of raising the head of your bed usually by 6 to 8 inches so that your body’s circulation is improved, helping individuals to sleep more comfortably.

inclined bed therapy

Typically, inclined bed therapy is considered a natural treatment alternative for individuals suffering from acid reflux, but it also offers users a number of other health benefits.

For those that suffer from acid reflux the benefits of incline bed therapy occur because it enables individuals to prevent their acidic gastric juices from rising up their esophaguses.

It is also claimed by many people that using this alternative treatment technique provides a boost to circulatory system health. Since the human body relies somewhat on the powers of gravity to facilitate the health and maintenance of bloodstream systems, it is a way of aiding circulation instead of lying prone.

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Some of the common ailments that inclined bed therapy is used for include:

  • sleep apnea,
  • snoring,
  • circulatory issues,
  • spine and skeletal injuries or disorders,
  • respiratory conditions,
  • back pain.

Typically individuals will place blocks or wedges or even bricks to raise their bed and inclined matter. Some people wonder whether using a firm pillow produces the same effect as incline bed therapy. This is not the case as a firm pillow will only work to incline your neck and head while the remainder of your body will remain prone.

By inclining the entire bed it will raise the head and the body, providing the true and full benefits of inclined bed therapy.

How to make an inclined bed

Inclined bed therapy testimonials

Some individuals over at report raising the foot of the bed to treat foot swelling and lower extremity circulation issues. Another user also reports that a 6° incline decreased his blood pressure from 145 to 112, allowing him to get off of his blood pressure medication.

As well he has experienced a significant energy boost as well as improvements in varicose veins as well as restless leg symptoms.

Final thoughts

If you are interested in trying inclined bed therapy, make sure to consult with your primary care physician to make sure that it is a safe alternative for you. Watch some videos on YouTube and do some more general reading to figure out how to best assemble and inclined bad.

You may need some assistance in raising the head or foot of your bed with blocks or wedges. This alternative treatment has had some significant success as reported by users over at check out what they have to say to see if they can provide some specific insight into your own medical condition.