Fibromyalgia and Bra Pain

Choosing a Bra That Doesn’t Aggravate Fibromyalgia Pain

Many female Fibromyalgia sufferers have difficulty finding a bra that doesn’t cause them pain. Fibromyalgia forums are full of women commenting that they have searched high and low for a bra that doesn’t aggravate their Fibro tenderness.

 As well, many women also note that this search for the perfect, pain-free bra is fairly expensive. Some women have resorted to going bra-less, but this caused its own problems. 

The solution for many is getting personally fitted for a bra. Ensuring that your bra is a perfect fit is a great way to minimize the chance that it will aggravate your Fibromyalgia. Karen Lee Richards writes about her own experience at

Finding a Bra for Fibro Sufferers

  • She describes the painful journey she undertook as a fibromyalgia sufferer who for a while used an expensive, but effective, brand of bra called the NuBra. This type of bra featured adhesive silicone cups without any back straps.
  • She reported that the adhesive cups were good for between 50 and 75 wearings but at an average price of $50 per bra this was not a tenable solution either.
  • She eventually went for a personal bra fitting. She was measured over her clothes and provided with a range of bra options. Eventually settled on the Nadia bra, which features something called the “vanishing back”. What this means is that back has no seams and is made from an especially soft and flexible fabric, without any underwiring.
  • She noted that while it was a little strange to get such an intimate fitting, it was well worth the discomfort because she ended up with a bra that does not cause her misery.
  • That said, the best place to get started if you have bra pain associated with your Fibromyalgia is to Google for a local area lingerie store.
  • Call ahead and ask if they provide personal fittings. If they do not, ask for a referral to a store that does- it is likely that you will be able to find a store that will be able to provide you a personal fitting.