Alternative approaches to treating multiple sclerosis

Natural remedies for multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, which is also known as MS, occurs when the immune system begins to attack the myelin sheath that covers nerve fibers. This results in compromised communication between the brain and the rest of an individual’s body. The end result of this disease is the eventual deterioration and destruction of the nerves themselves.

Multiple sclerosis symptoms are tremendously variable. Symptom manifestations really depend on the extent of the nerve damage and the particular nerves that have been impacted.

There are some individuals that experience a catastrophic loss of functionality, for example, the loss of the ability to walk. Others may go for extended periods of time without demonstrating any symptom of the disease at all. This makes it a tremendously mysterious ailment, and incredibly frustrating for those that are affected by it, as well as the suffers’ loved ones.

It’s important to note (we don’t want to be misleading) that there is no known cure for MS. However, there are some treatments that can help assist MS patients in recovering from attacks and managing their overall health.

Common Symptoms of MS

  • Feelings of tingling or pain in different parts of your body
  • Slurred speech
  • Weakness or numbness in one or more of the individuals limbs, typically occurring on one side of the body at a time
  • Extended periods of double vision
  • Tremors & impaired coordination
  • Fatigue
  • Compromised bladder and bowel functioning

Natural Treatment Alternatives For Multiple Sclerosis

Medical science is actively investigating cures for MS. While there have been significant advancements in scientific inquiry into this disorder, the common treatment is still interferon injections. Side effects from these injections typically include site inflammation and liver damage. While MS patients are constantly on the lookout for milder treatment interventions, this is still the predominant approach.

Let’s take a look at some commonly accepted alternative treatment options:

Alternative MS Treatments

The role of vitamin D

Some studies show that vitamin D deficiencies can be a cause of multiple sclerosis. Try getting a vitamin D test to assess your levels, and if you are deficient [easyazon_link identifier=”B0032BH76O” locale=”US” tag=”chronic0e-20″]consider taking a supplement[/easyazon_link]. As well, the primary source of vitamin D is sunlight. Taking some time to get sun every day, say 20 minutes, can be a natural way of boosting your vitamin D levels.

Do you have food allergies?
Studies have shown that food sensitivities can worsen the symptoms of MS by aggravating information within your body. Get tested by a certified professional to verify that you are not consuming food you’re actually allergic to.

Increase your vegetable intake
Vegetables like cucumbers, broccoli, kale and spinach include a bevy of phytonutrients that can supercharge your health.

Get a massage
Schedule bi-weekly massages for yourself. Massages assist in the stimulation of lymphatic circulation, which can increase your joint flexibility as well as enhancing the spasticity of your muscles.

How much do you like salmon?
If you are already eating salmon, skip this one. If you aren’t, keep reading. A particular type of salmon called the “wild sockeye salmon” is particularly rich in omega-3 fats and proteins. These serve to decrease inflammation in your body.

Reconsider your use of the microwave
Microwaves radiate food and many believe that this is unhealthy, especially for MS sufferers.

I hope you don’t like soda!
Soda carbonation is viewed by your body as something that needs to be detoxified. Since multiple sclerosis sufferers already have compromised and impaired immune systems, it is unwise to further tax the body with this unhealthy product.

Are you gluten sensitive?
Gluten sensitivities mean that your body responds with inflammation. If you experience inflammation because of gluten, it’s best to mitigate this by eliminating gluten from your diet as much as possible.

This is a staple of most any health list, but it is particularly important to multiple sclerosis sufferers. Yoga, Pilates, and stretching exercises can all help to strengthen your muscles and prevent them from experiencing atrophy.

Don’t get sick!
Avoid like the plague people that are sick. Viruses impair your body’s immune system and this can be particularly damaging for MS suffers that already suffer from impaired immune systems.

In summary, make sure that you are in constant communication with a medical professional concerning the treatment of your multiple sclerosis. This list is really intended to provide some interesting alternative remedies to integrate into your existing medical regimen, not to replace it.



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