11 Ways to Overcome Fibro Fog

11 Strategies to Enhance Your Cognition and overcome ‘Fibro Fog’

Do you often mix up what you are about to say? Are you confused? Do you find it hard to concentrate? Are you getting forgetful?

These are just some of the cognitive difficulties that people with fibromyalgia face. Brain fog, fibro fog or fibromyalgia are the terms used to name the mental complications that patients encounter with their condition. This complaint is common among people with this disorder. Though the cause of fibro fog isn’t fully understood, there are still many ways to beat your fibro fog. Here are 11 ways to help alleviate that foggy feeling.

1. Improve your sleep quality

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Reduced quality of sleep can lead to patients being chronically fatigued. Minds would not be fully rested, thus triggering cognitive problems. Establish a daily pattern where you go to bed and wake up the same time. Only use your bed for sleeping and do other tasks like reading or watching the TV in another room. Use relaxing aromas in your bedroom if that is what would help you sleep better. Keep your room cool, dark and quiet to help you be comfortable as you sleep. If your restless leg syndrome is what keeps you up at night, your doctor may help you with anticonvulsants, dopamine agonists or anti-anxiety medications.

2. Maintain a healthy diet


A healthy diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low-fat dairy has been seen to be very helpful among people with fibromyalgia. Stay away from sugars, processed and fast foods. Increasing your daily water intake is also beneficial, keeping your body well hydrated.

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3. Stay away from caffeine


Most people claim to feel more awake and alert with caffeine, however caffeine works the other way around for people with fibromyalgia. Just a small amount of caffeine can cause sleep disturbances.

4. Get regular exercise


Low-impact, regular exercise helps in improving your blood flow, even helping with sleep. This helps alleviate some of the cognitive difficulties you have with fibromyalgia.

5. Establish a regular routine[tie_full_img][/tie_full_img]

Keep doing the same thing, at the same time every day so that even if you forget where you placed something then your reflexes built into the routine would help you remember. Your motor memory will most likely help you to remember what you are doing and help you keep functioning even when fibro fog starts creeping in.

6. Stay organized 

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Use a planner, a diary or any notebook to take down appointments, errands and things you have to do. You can even use sticky notes to remind yourself. This helps you keep track of all events and helps you avoid missing any.

7. Maintain a tidy and organized home


Clean up your space, keep your things in its own place and maintain an organized place. These ways can help you be focused and remember more.

8. Stay away from stress


Stress can be seen as a factor that aggravates fibro fog. Maintain a stress-free environment, find ways to be calm and relaxed.

9. Take deep breaths


People who suffer from fibromyalgia tend to be shallow breathers and they tend to hold their breath when in pain or under stress. Breathing deeply promotes oxygen flow to the brain, helping you function more.

10. Avoid multi-tasking


Though multi-tasking saves time, it is harder for people who have fibro fog to concentrate. Doing too much at once can sometimes leave you blank and lost. Practice doing only one thing at once.

11. Practice different relaxation and meditation techniques

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Whether it is yoga, tai chi or any other ways to meditate, these activities help improve problems with sleep, anxiety, fatigue, poor concentration and memory-all linked to fibro fog. Researchers claim that those who practice these methods have better outcomes than those who don’t.

Fibromyalgia can be an incapacitating disorder if you let it. Keep fighting the good fight – these strategies to counteract fibro fog can help you to lead a full and invigorated life!

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